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Changing the world through creativity

We are a digital media and theatre company specialising in Selective Interactive Video (SIV) productions for business and entertainment.
What this means is we do cool things with video and use them to create new work opportunities

Business: We’ve developed a range of SIV services including our Automated Concierge Services (ACS) for hotels and Custom SIVs to improve engagement and help businesses raise income.

Entertainment: We've created Color Video, Puzzle Video, our In-View App which is changing theatre on stage and Projectorgrams (like Holograms) a new form of bar entertainment. All these to providing work for artists

"...and there is so much more to come."

We never follow the crowd


Welcome to 2b Acting. Our story is a simple one. We believe creativity is the key to unlocking humanities potential. To nurture, inspire, challenge, educate and entertain – To motivate, to create, to change lives. However, creativity needs a place. To express, make an impact, to grow and develop.

Our mission, therefore, is to use technology to open new markets around the globe for artists and actors to ply their trade and benefit economically and creatively from their talents.

By creating new markets will achieve our objective of changing the world through creativity.


Automated Cconcierge Service (ACS) for Hotels

know your Customers, improve your Business

We've used SIV to create a managed monthly Automated Concierge Service (ACS) for hotels. The service is based on the display of Interactive Public Videos (IPV) that interacts with mobile devices.
Customers can use their mobile to access hotel information and participate in promotions shown in the displayed videos. The system supports hotels in improving engagement, growing revenues and raising third party income.

Better hotels - Making a splash!

Our Automated Concierge is the first commercially available Interactive Public Video service and an excellent example of how we create new work opportunities.
The system offers numerous benefits to hotels and their guests and a brand-new platform for artists and actors to ply their trade.

With 500,000 plus hotels worldwide soon to be demanding interactive public videos this is great news for the industry.

Custom Selective Ineteractive Video (SIV)

Videos for Business

This is a range of pre-designed Selective Interactive Videos, turning ordinary videos into two-way communication tools, allowing them to be used in amazing new ways to benefit business marketing, training, revenue, etc.

A successful interactive video means better engagement

We've created our range of Custom SIVs to help businesses use interactive videos in business with a comprehensive ready to go package of SIV designs. Each custom SIV design is aimed at improving business engagement, brand awareness or income.

For us this field really does open new areas of creativity for artists.

Businesses can now make more of their investment in existing videos by turning them into interactive videos or create custom SIVs at affordable prices.

The world of video in business has changed.


Color Video and Puzzle Video

New ways to use video

We've created Color Video and Puzzle Video as examples of what video can now be made to do.

Play - Learn - Relax

We have all got use to just watching videos. It therefore comes as a surprise to many that video can now do so much more. Color Video and Puzzle Video are just two examples of how video can entertain in different ways. Try for free by visiting the sites and discover ways at looking at videos.


During the season break give our special Puzzle Video a try - Festive 1

For the love of oranges

A first in the industry

Brand New Play: First performed on the 10 Nov 2017 at Seven Arts Theatre in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. The performance saw the first use of our ground-breaking interactive video In-View App. The In-View App extended the play to the audience mobiles, providing them with a new theatre experiences.

The script of the play is now available as a book.
A fantastic read

A Great Gift


The play is a response to Brexit and is inspired by true historical events - Read more.

To discover more about the play you can register to use the interactive video In-View App to get information about the story, the cast and the performances.

Witch Trinity

A new supernatural series

The first two short stories of the series available on Amazon: Witch Trinity: The Calling and Witch Trinity: The Glove. The Third book 'Witch Trinity: The Hidden', is planned for release May 2018.

A brand new supernatural series for this generation

We are really pleased to have released the first two books. Now we can start work to promote the series ahead of the movie production and ahead of plans to use SIV to create a graphical motion comic. For those who have never heard of a motion comic, it is an online graphical comic where the panels telling the story comes to life. Speech bubbles appear and disappear, effects add elements such as rain, fog and explosions in addition to small character and background movements. The result is a new form of entertainment offering another way for fans to enjoy the series.

We are also working on the Witch Trinity Website. We are using SIV to make the website a magical place. The only place on earth where believers of Witch Trinity are welcomed. Entry to the Witch Trinity website requires mystical skills to complete challenges and discover hidden secrets. Take the challenge if you dare.

And remember, you are not alone. visit: /witchtrinity and let us know what you think.



Here are some of our SIV services, products and productions
Click on the images to discover more.

Changing the world through creativity


Our work to change the world through creativity is made easier with support. Support through knowledge, through collaboration, through investment and through taking part. Discover more about our journey. Contact us today.

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